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Things Get Hot for our Friend

We left our friend, Mr. Turkey, warm and happy in last week’s blog post.

Last week we left our wildlife friend, Mr. Turkey, exposed and thermally obvious. You can imagine what happened between then and this week.

So let’s talk again talk about capacitance , the thermal concept so fundamental to much of our work. Whether […]

Thermally Fun Holiday Images

Fellow readers,

John’s recent blog posting on “Wildlife in Infrared” has inspired me to share a few other images with you:

Upon further and closer inspection of the turkey-in-infrared image, something looks very familiar about this particular turkey.

I believe that is it a particular variety of wild turkey that is commonly found in Vermont… and […]

Wildlife in Infrared

Long ago, I once taught a course in a hotel that also housed a “disco”, which if you remember what they were, gives you an idea of how long ago it was! One evening after class, a student talked the DJ into plugging the video cable into the infrared imager we were using and suddenly […]

Heat Transfer is for Turkeys!

This week, many Americans will be sitting down to Thanksgiving dinner, which is as good a time as any to Think Thermally™! Whether you are the cook, the “bottle washer” or just hungry for turkey, useful thermal lessons abound during Thanksgiving.

Most of us will buy our turkey frozen—so dig deep in the freezer to make […]