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Reflecting on Our Surroundings

Thermographers operate in a different world than all other humans—maybe that explains something about us. Initially, it can be quite intimidating to learn how to Think Thermally™, but most thermographers I’ve known soon find it fun as well as challenging. Even after nearly 30 years of paying attention to the temperature relationships in the world, […]

Getting Connected to Good Support

The work we do as thermographers has immense value; I don’t mean to imply that the world would stop turning without us, but thermographers do a great deal to have it turn more smoothly and efficiently! The disastrous situation in Japan reminds us of how vulnerable the complex systems and machines we have grown to […]

Spring Thinking Thermally

The snow is, in fact, melting—my back yard is down to about 18” of the compressed stuff—but it just started snowing again so who knows?! The weather forecasters tell us this has been the 3rd snowiest year on record in Vermont and if we get “just” another 20”, we’ll break the record set in 1970-71! […]

Working Together to Move Us Forward

I’ve talked in a past blog post about the building inspection standards and protocols our industry has adopted. I hope no one thinks me sacrilegious when I refer to these inspection standards as “recipes,” but that really is what they are. Just as a cook follows a standard recipe to consistently bake a great cake, […]

Get Ready, Get Set, Get RESNET Certified!

I just got back from the RESNET national conference in Orlando, FL and am very excited to report that RESNET certification is now available!

Wondering what’s needed? Here are 3 key requirements:

• You must be a RESNET Building Performance Auditor or a Rater

• You must have 3 months experience using a thermal imaging system and […]

Safety Happens Every Day

Every single day is a good day to think about safety. It is on my mind this week, especially, after a good friend was involved in a highway accident—clear roads, car in good repair, driving with her 5-year old child (in a child’s seat in the rear) and she just got tired and fell asleep. […]

RESNET Thermography Guidelines--Part 2

Last week we discussed the parts of the new RESNET Guidelines for Thermographic Inspections of Buildings that deal with imager specifications and the basic conditions needed to use the technology successfully to inspect building insulation and air sealing. This week, I want to share my excitement about the RESNET certification process that is detailed in […]

RESNET Thermography Guidelines

For the past several years, a dedicated group of thermographers has worked hard to develop and establish the new RESNET Guidelines for Thermographic Inspections of Buildings. I am thrilled to say it is now in place and ready to be applied! The entire RESNET Guidelines document can be viewed here.

The poorly installed blown-in […]

All You Need is Love (and an Infrared Imaging System!)

Most of us are not involved with using thermal imaging in medicine; although worldwide the application is large and growing every year. Thermal patterns in humans are fairly predictable and changes from the norm can be highly telling when the images are properly interpreted by trained medical professionals. Of course, as is also true […]

Art is in the eye of the beholder

Thermal imaging as we know it is a visual technology, even though the science behind it is all about the numbers—processing the response from the detectors. We spend a great deal of time making sure the image is created in a way that we can see the detail and the relationships we need to understand.

I’ve […]