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RESNET Thermography Guidelines--Part 2

Last week we discussed the parts of the new RESNET Guidelines for Thermographic Inspections of Buildings that deal with imager specifications and the basic conditions needed to use the technology successfully to inspect building insulation and air sealing. This week, I want to share my excitement about the RESNET certification process that is detailed in […]

Level I Infrared Training for Building Applications with Rob Spring of The Snell Group—Mention this Post and Get a 10% Discount!

No set plans for Valentine’s Day? Spend it with the love of your life: your thermal imager!

Rob Spring – Training Specialist, The Snell Group. His face is hot–literally!

This 32 hour class is designed for energy auditors, weatherization contractors, home inspectors and facility maintenance personnel who use thermal imaging or are considering adding the technology to […]

Infrared Thermography in China---Part 1

I find I cannot speak about anything in China without using the term “beyond belief,” which is also typically modified by superlatives. This definitely holds true for the opportunities that lay ahead of this remarkable country for using thermography.

The Fluke China sales team, with Fluke Product manager Michael Stuart in the middle of the […]