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Safety in the Workplace -- How to be a Smart Thermographer

A portion of any certification program is the awareness of the inherent dangers of thermography and the techniques and skills needed to ensure safety in the workplace. Common sense dictates much of what constitutes safe work practice, but special precautions often apply to a specific application. For example, thermographers who inspect electrical systems […]

Thermographer Qualification & Certification--The Importance of Being a Certified Thermographer!

Learning to use a modern thermal imager is relatively easy—it can typically be mastered with basic training and hands-on practice. However, properly interpreting a thermal image is often more difficult. It requires not only a background in the application of thermography but also additional, more extensive, training and hands-on experience with thermal imagers.

To […]

Reflected Background and its Potential Impact on a Good Thermal Image

For today’s subject I would like to first draw an analogy between infrared energy and visible light.  We all know that in our world, light interacts with us in different ways.  It can pass through certain objects such as the windows of your house, it can be reflected like the glare you see when looking […]

Level and Span--a Definition

In thermography, “Span” refers to the difference between the high and low temperature settings on an infrared image.

“Level” is the mid-point of that span.

Let me use an example to help further explain this.

All Fluke thermal imagers can be set to either auto or manual span control. In the auto mode, the camera […]

Benefits of Thermography

“Be Proactive Instead of Reactive”

Here is a short and sweet video on the benefits of Thermography–basic facts that help you discover potential problems in order to make quick repairs before any critical damage!

Benefits of Thermography

Implementing an Infrared Thermography Maintenance Program—in 5 steps!

You’ve purchased your thermal imager, you’ve done the training—now what? Here are 5 steps that will help you grow your thermography program into a key part of the way your company does business.

1.  Creating Inspection Routes

The first few routes may be rough if thermography is new to your plant, but they should eventually run […]