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Who Who’s Blog: Scott Warga

This week we had the privilege to talk to with Scott Warga, ACSI American Construction Specialists & Investigations LLC who shared his thoughts on the importance of education, thermography tips, and how to catch animals in the act of doing something mischievous (we’ll explain this shortly).

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I do […]

FlukeTI Featured in Plant Services article: Electrical Enlightenment

In a recent article by, which highlights some of the safety issues that are common in electrical power distribution systems, industry leaders from some of the top engineering companies such as Miller Engineering, Schneider Electric, EMP Engineering Services, and Fluke, offered great insight on how to stay safe and prevent problems when working with […]

Thermal Solutions and Motor Solutions Conferences by The Snell Group

Are you interested in thermal imaging for Electrical Systems or Weatherization? If so, join The Snell Group for their two-day LIVE online Thermal Solutions conference, Sept. 7-8. Day one features Infrared for Electrical Systems and day two features Thermal Imaging for Weatherization. Webinars consist of three 45-minute segments followed by a question and answer session. […]

The “Tempest in the Teapot” Gets Out

The tea cozy is can keep a pot of tea warm but it could not contain Hurricane Irene this week!

Last week I showed this thermal image of a “tea cozy” in place covering a pot of hot tea and had intended to discuss it further this week. However, Hurricane Irene, has blown her way […]

Owens Corning Employee Chooses Fluke Thermal Imaging for Preventive Maintenance

When Owens Corning, a leader in making homes more energy efficient, discovered a burnt out motor that disrupted their workflow, the plant leader was intent on finding a better way of discovering these types of issues before they resulted in a downtime situation. Fellow employee and seasoned thermal imaging expert Al Loring suggested FlukeTI for […]

Thinking Thermally in the UK

I recently returned from a couple weeks in the UK and am happy to report that Thinking Thermally is alive and well in the place that is (among other things) the home of Sir William Herschel.

One issue for this poor old American is trying to function in a world of Celsius rather than Fahrenheit temperature […]

End of an Era

What a glorious sight the orbiter was in nearly all positions but this one, in particular, as the booster fuel tanks were being released is amazing. Photo courtesy NASA.

After 135 missions in 30 years the space shuttle program has come to an end. The accomplishments were remarkable and the legacy the program has left […]

We Can Help Cool Things Down!

For the past two weeks, I’ve talked about climate change and how we as thermographers can have a real role in slowing down the deadly effects we’ve begun to see. Our role can not only help to educate people—but also to directly slow our use of the world’s precious resources. So much of what thermographers do […]

How Things Have Gotten Hot

Last week I talked about climate change. While we used to call this “global warming,” it is clear the changes are much more complex. Thus the changes to our global climate may be predominantly warming, but there are also places that have a net cooling and many more places where, most noticeably, there is simply […]

Wow, It Is Hot, and It Is Not Even August Yet!

Thermography is often described as both art and science. While everything we do is based on the laws of physical reality, much of our work is interpretation of how those laws apply. I would suggest a similar conundrum exists for our understanding of climate change, formerly known as “global warming.” What is happening to the […]