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Thermally Fun Holiday Images

Fellow readers,

John’s recent blog posting on “Wildlife in Infrared” has inspired me to share a few other images with you:

Upon further and closer inspection of the turkey-in-infrared image, something looks very familiar about this particular turkey.

I believe that is it a particular variety of wild turkey that is commonly found in Vermont… and it is VERY wild indeed!

(You can tell by the look in his eyes.)

As the old grade-school joke goes… “How do you know that an elephant has been in your refrigerator?

… By the (infrared) footprints in the butter, of course!”

2 comments to Thermally Fun Holiday Images

  • John Snell

    I’m recommending the Fluke Management that they give you a few more projects to work on. Clearly you have WAY too much time on your hands my friend. Thanks!

  • Michael Stuart

    Mileagris Gallopavo Snellis Infraredicum Maximus is the full scientific name of that peculiar Non-domestic fowl. 😉

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