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Episode 2: Chip Wade Discusses Ease-of-Use

In the second part of a six-part series, Chip Wade discusses the importance of easy-to-use navigation in a thermal imager. He showcases specific features of the T1R1 that helps users easily and accurately take thermal images, and similar to a digital camera, users can swiftly download their images directly from the memory card.

The T1R1 also includes an IR-Fusion technology that allows users to combine visible light image with a thermal image to make it easier to detect and locate problems.

Click HERE to watch this short video and don’t forget to check back next week for Episode 3!

2 comments to Episode 2: Chip Wade Discusses Ease-of-Use

  • As much as I love the TiR1 and as much as I enjoy Chip’s enthusiasm, I cannot wait to find out what the heck he is seeing walking around the exterior of this home in a t-shirt on a bright day!! LOL

  • Michael Stuart

    I can actually vouch for Chip on that particular day. The video makes it appear brighter than it actually was. It was overcast with no sun, and cool… about 55-60F, if I remember correctly. Interior air temperature was about 75F or so. The infrared images on the video were actually taken on that day, and corresponded to some anaomalies that were seen from inside as well. (I was wearing a jacket… because my arms must not put off as much heat as Chip’s!) 😉

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