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Owens Corning Employee Chooses Fluke Thermal Imaging for Preventive Maintenance

When Owens Corning, a leader in making homes more energy efficient, discovered a burnt out motor that disrupted their workflow, the plant leader was intent on finding a better way of discovering these types of issues before they resulted in a downtime situation. Fellow employee and seasoned thermal imaging expert Al Loring suggested FlukeTI for a quality thermal imager to use for preventive maintenance. Al had spent 20 years in the military and during that time he experimented with Fluke products. He wanted a rugged, easy to use, and dependable camera, so he turned to Fluke based on their strong reputation and his own positive experience using Fluke TI. Owens Corning was able to then find overheated conditions in both electrical and mechanical components, including misaligned couplings,  bearing, belts and gear boxes.

“The product sells itself, it was really a no-brainer from my standpoint.”

See the full video here:

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