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Teaser Infrared Image – The Answer

The moment you’ve all been waiting for! View the teaser images below, and carefully compare to the visible light answer images.

Teaser Image 1

Teaser Image 2

Teaser Image 3

Answer Image 1

Answer Image 2

The Answer: This was one of those double-takes while walking down a Munich street.   My eyes told me one thing, and my Ti32 said something quite different.  It was not until I took a closer look that I realized that what my eyes were seeing wasn’t the actual face of the building at all, but a faithful reproduction of what the building looks like printed onto a scaffolding screen.  The building was undergoing significant cleaning and restoration work, and rather than having everyone look at the ugly scaffolding and the work in progress, the municipal authorities and building owners decided to take a more aesthetic approach.  Regardless, we thought that it might make an interesting set of images to show to everyone.   The lesson to be learned is:  Don’t always trust what your eyes, or your camera, are showing you. Many unexpected things can be the actual reason behind what you are seeing.  Think about it before making the decision on what the issue is, and further investigate, as needed, to back up your work.

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