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Be Proactive Instead of Reactive

Buildings and equipment do not maintain themselves. When it comes to preventive maintenance, you have to proactively seek out problems before they occur to prevent unplanned downtime. Thermography can be an invaluable tool to prolong equipment life, save money and increase the safety of your workforce. If it’s your job to keep everything running smoothly and efficiently, an infrared image from a Fluke thermal imager can spot an issue that needs attention before the situation reaches an unsafe condition or causes any downtime.

Some of the common problems a thermal imager can detect that would be unseen by the naked eye include:

  • Overheating components that could be first signs of wear or failure
  • Loose or corroded electrical connections
  • Wiring mistakes
  • Broken seals in windows and doors where energy is being wasted
  • Gaps in insulation
  • Moisture in walls
  • and many more

Watch this video for a beginners guide to the many benefits of thermography, and learn about some areas where thermography can make an important impact on how you work.

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