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Teaser Infrared Image - What is it?

“You can’t move something without it.”

Infrared Image

Do you want to make a guess on this week’s thermal image? Leave your answers in the comments section below and check back on Thursday for the answer!

9 comments to Teaser Infrared Image – What is it?

  • Dwight roby

    hyd. jack

  • Appears to be a pillow block bearing with a shaft turning

  • Dan Laughbon

    Mr. Green is right it does look like a pillow block bearing , the shaft and perhaps the lock collar seems to be holding the most heat . to be “moving something ” then it could be a conveyor shaft. But then it could be any end shaft to whatever .

  • Ben

    Maybe a bearing housing with pulley wheel that has two belts for driving/rotating the shaft ??

  • Dan Laughbon

    Well you can’t move things without bearings or shafts / axles . It could be the bearing of the wheelbarrow the Fluke staff used to haul there money to the bank ! ( HA..HA ).

  • Ir picture of a induced draft or forced draft fan pillowblock bearing.
    The correct answer is: the pillowblock bearing is LOOSE on the fan shaft as that is the center point of the HOT SPOT.
    You should make it a point to tell the customer what is actually wrong with the item pictured, along with the temperature readings of the Hot Spot and ambient temperatures.

  • Michael Stuart


    Thanks for the post. Most of the infrared images that we post are only for
    “infrared entertainment” purposes… to get people “Thinking Thermally”. I’ll see if I can post a few extra infrared (thermal)images for you guys on this one… in what I consider to be an “more useable and intuitive” color palette. Yes… with spot markers and the temperature scale too.

  • Michael Stuart

    CW, et al,
    We are going to try post the two additional infrared images on the Fluke Thermography Facebook page so we can link to them.

  • Michael Stuart

    CW, et al,

    Here is a link to the other images that I promised:

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