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Getting Down to Work on the Roof – Conducting your Inspection

Last week, I went into detail on tips to help you prepare for a roof inspection by conducting a pre-inspection during daylight hours. Now, I will explain necessary steps to take while inspecting a roof in the evening, and what you can expect to see if there are issues.

Before you begin, it is important to […]

Teaser Infrared Image - What is it?

This week’s Teaser Infrared Image is as tricky as it is stunning–what is it, a waterfall without the water?

Infrared Image

Leave your guess in the comment section, and check back on Thursday for the answer!

Fluke Provides Student Training Tool Kits for Training Affiliate Instructors Preparing Workforce for BPI Certification Exams

Fluke Corporation is lending the latest test tools from Fluke and Amprobe to help trainees learn to inspect homes and buildings, diagnose their energy efficiency and improve their performance and comfort.

This new “Hands-On-Training Tub” (HOT Tub) Program is a Fluke-sponsored equipment loan program for training affiliates of the national Building Performance Institute (BPI).  BPI training […]

Getting Down to Work on the Roof – Pre-Inspection

Over the past couple of weeks we’ve talked about how low-slope roofs leak, the damage caused by trapped water, and the conditions needed to use thermal imaging to find it in the roof system. Many new thermographers ask me: “How can I safely and reliably get good results up on the roof?”

This vertical ladder […]