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Teaser Infrared Image - What is it?

We have another red-hot Teaser Infrared Image for you this week. This is a thermal image of something that just hangs around all day… and is usually, but not always, red-hot 😉

Infrared Image

Leave your answer in the comment section, and check back on Thursday for the answer!

7 comments to Teaser Infrared Image – What is it?

  • Dwight roby


  • Branden Allen

    A chandler.

  • Garrett Monti

    Peppers drying?

  • Dan Laughbon

    Looks like a chandler, the lights look like chile peppers in the infrared image.Lots of heat near the top,cooler at the bottom,appears to be a cord that the lights are hanging from and a circular frame work that they are suspended from.The bulb would be near the top of the light. Of course it could just be Peppers drying with some heat reflection.

  • Garrett Monti

    I don’t think they are light bulbs as they are not of exactly the same and shape. These objects could be cooling down after a long day in the sun. The thicker parts of the object could have retained heat longer. I’m still thinking peppers.

  • Chili Peppers from a Mad Mex restuarant.

  • I have to say that for the past couple of hours i have been hooked by the impressive posts on this blog. Keep up the good work.

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