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Double Panes Music Video ft. Fluke FlexCam Thermal Imager

Although this music video is a year old, it never gets old to us. This Green Buildings music video was an original done by Stanford University students, and needless to say, it is amazing. Who knew energy efficiency, energy audits, blower doors, and thermal imaging could be so entertaining?

We are honored, yet again, to be featured in this video–most may not realize, but that’s our FlexCam thermal imager that was used for the infrared video portions!┬áHope you enjoy and feel inspired to create one of your own ­čÖé

Video Credits:
Green Buildings music video.
Stanford University,
CEE 176A – Energy Efficient Buildings
Winter 2009

Performed by: Megan Kerins, Nick Schlag, Will Bishop
Lyrics by: Will Bishop
Director: Matt Harnack
Camera: Mike Attie & Matt Harnack
Thermal Imaging Courtesy of Lorna Fear @

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