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Free Hands-on Thermal Imaging Training Seminars—with Fluke!

We, at Fluke, have always been big advocates for education. As some of you know, we deliver hands-on (yes, hands-on—that means you get to play with the imagers!) training seminars all around the country. These seminars are designed to teach you the fundamentals of thermal imaging, how to troubleshoot faster and find problems using the latest thermal imaging technology, and how to reduce operational costs and make money using thermal imaging.

Our highly experienced thermography specialists will provide you with insight into real-world applications for thermal imaging and work closely with you, to design a customized thermal imaging solution that fits your professional needs.

Currently schedule seminars are focused on 3 main subjects:

Maintenance Best Practices with Thermal Imaging and Vibration

Building Diagnostic Applications

Industrial Maintenance Applications

Upcoming seminars are in Chicago, IL, Brookfield, WI, and Madison WI. Find out if there is one in your neck of the woods, and register HERE!

4 comments to Free Hands-on Thermal Imaging Training Seminars—with Fluke!

  • Dan Laughbon

    I can tell you from experience that these seminars are more than worth the effort to attend . I attended a seminar that was posted on the face book page for Salisbury MD.,back in Sept. I belive and had a great time as well as picking up good themography tips and practices. The seminar I attended was the Maint.Best Practices W thermal imageing and Vibration, It was put together and presented by Chris Connell from Fluke and a local distributor, they did a great job in there presentations. Also liked the hands on with the thermal and the Vibration tester (Wow I’m looking to adding that machine in the future.) Looking forward to the other two seminars to come this way. (salisbury is a location I can get to .)

  • Michael Stuart

    Thanks for sharing your experience! We like to hear feedback on how we’re doing with those seminars.

  • Fluke Thermography

    That’s great! We appreciate your feedback and look forward to providing you with more of these hands-on seminars. What was your favorite part of the seminar?

  • Dan Laughbon

    Hard to narrow down to ” A ” favorite part. The discussions between the group and the presenter were informative .Chris from Fluke was knowledgeable and helpful.The hands on with the thermal imagers was great,I’ve been using mine for some years now but the exercise was still helpful.Since I do PDM at the shop as well as themal work out and about ,the hands on with the Vibration tester was partically interresting.

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