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Teaser Infrared Image - The Answer

It looks like everyone’s guesses were on fire this week!

Infrared Image

Visible Light Image

Answer: This week’s teaser infrared image is of hot coals! Even though our eyes may not be able to tell when the coals are hot, the temperature receptor nerves on our hands, as well and the thermal imager, show that the coals are just right.  Who has the hot dogs and hamburgers?

And kudos to the answer that made our mouths water:

“Those charcoal brickettes look to be prime for grilling a nice juicy 14oz. Porterhouse. Time to get the corn boiling if there’s no room on the grille. Make sure to sear the steak on both side, then raised the grille for a nice finish. Criss cross the grille marks to achieve that wonderous pattern you get from all of the good steakhouses.

Don’t lift the grille cover off too quickly, or you’ll end up with ash on your steaks, which would be a serious bummer,” –Mike Kline

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