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Teaser Infrared Image - What is it?

We’ll bet you’ll never guess where the location is of this infrared image is…

Leave your answer in the comment section, and check back on Thursday for the answer!

5 comments to Teaser Infrared Image – What is it?

  • Brad Manor

    Exterior wall, during blower door test?

  • nate

    I would say that looks like some bad insulation in the wall allowing a cold air draft from the outlet hole.

  • John Voitl

    Duplex wall outlet with one cord plugged into the top outlet.

  • Larry H

    Definitely the easiest one yet. As previously stated, it is a duplex receptacle with a plug in the top. It also shows how much heat is lost through these things.

  • Dan Laughbon

    I can agree with everybody, it’s an electrical wall receptacle with cold air intrution around the face plate. A blower door may have been used but you can spot this problem without one(may have had a wind against that wall).This may be fixed by placing insulation carefully(do’nt compress it flat)around the electrical box,or some expanding spray foam.(not too much).Outside wall is most likely but interior walls can draw cooler air from crawlspaces,basements,etc.(This is’nt Johns house is it?)
    (or at the fluke corp. office?!)

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