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Washington State Boiler Operators Symposium 2010 -- Highlights from Fluke!

We were lucky to have our Sr. Product Marketing Manager & Level III Thermographer, Michael Stuart, not only attend, but speak at this year’s Washington State Boiler Operators Symposium in Tacoma, WA. This year’s symposium was presented by Bates Technical College, Renton Technical College and Western Washington Stationary Engineers Training Trust (International Union of Operating Engineers #286).

The symposium this year was extremely well attended, with many building operators, boiler operators, building maintenance supervisors, and other operations professionals. Topics presented ranged from Energy Auditing and LEEDS/Built Green Programs, Commissioning, and Maintenance to the Future of Boiler Controls & Systems, to Water Treatment Control and Plant Efficiency—a great, and large, range of topics!

A huge highlight for us was when our very own Michael Stuart spoke to an engaged crowd about the use of Fluke Thermography and other tools to perform energy audits of their facilities—from the boiler room to the board room—showing that if you think about a building as a dynamic machine with many different parts, and if you have the right test tools, you can often discover many opportunities to save energy and increase occupant comfort at the same time. This was the perfect topic for these attendees, as they are the people behind the scenes that keep our buildings running day-in-and-day-out! Several Fluke thermal imagers were passed out to the audience for hands-on during Michael’s presentation. Interest in the new Fluke 233 Multimeter, Fluke 421 Laser Distance Meter, and the Fluke 773 Milliamp Process Clampmeter were also quite strong for this group.

Not only was there excitement on Fluke thermal imagers being passed around for hands-on purposes, but also from the many attendees who received a copy of the book Introduction to Thermography Principles (a joint production from Fluke, the Snell Group, and American Technical Publishers) through various prize drawings throughout the conference. Both Michael Stuart (co-author) and John Gosse (publisher) enjoyed handing out their work to enthusiastic recipients J.

As a whole, the event was a great success. The overall theme of the symposium that could be gleaned from the many presentations was: “Achieving operational efficiency, energy efficiency, and proper operational safety in today’s buildings and facilities.”

Here are some of the Sponsors and Speakers:

American Technical Publishers, Inc.
CH2O, Inc.
IUOE Local #286
Jan Pelroy
Fluke Thermography

Bryan Cole from Cole Industries
Wendell Pipkin from Cleaver-Brooks, Inc.
Jonathon Gosse from American Technical Publishers
Mark Nieman, Karl Koch, Geremy Wolff from McKinstry
Michael Stuart from Fluke Thermography
Michael Fay from Simpson Tacoma Kraft Company, LLC
David Hurd and Tony McNamara from CH2O, Inc.
…and others!

Don’t forget to check out the pictures on our Facebook Page! And if you attended, let us know what you took away from the symposium.

1 comment to Washington State Boiler Operators Symposium 2010 — Highlights from Fluke!

  • John Zaremba

    I was in attendance and Fluke’s presentation, along with few others was awsome, as in eye opening. We have two Fluke thermography guns but we only used them on electrical connections scanning. I already began using them on HVAC (not sure they are the right model for this application, Ti20 and Ti30), and I accomplished my first goal already. I am already intersted in some Thermography certification, and Fluke has quite some resources in the form of web seminars.
    Thanks again.
    John Zaremba

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