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West Coast Energy Management Congress 2010 -- Highlights from Fluke!

Fluke had a great time meeting new people, as well as reconnecting with old friends, at this year’s West Coast Energy Management Congress (EMC).  Attendance was strong at the conference and show this year with about 2000 participants.  It was an awesome opportunity for us to demonstrate how Fluke Thermal Imagers, along with other powerful Fluke tools, can be useful in identifying areas of potential energy savings.

Since EMC2010 was right in our backyard (Seattle, WA), we were very excited to attend  this particular tradeshow.  Not only were we locals, but we barely had to travel–and with all the tools we had on display (thermal imagers, multimeters, vibration tools) this was a definite plus!  Thanks to our enthusiastic Fluke attendees—Reed Buell, Eric Lund and Michael Stuart—here are some key takeaways, as well as entertaining pictures, from EMC2010:

  • Participants were from many broad groups, but ALL were interested in energy management, energy efficiency, and energy auditing (Utilities, Large Corporations, Building Maintenance Managers and Supervisors, Energy Auditors, Electrical and HVAC/R Contractors, Commercial Energy Specialists, Energy Management Engineers, and Sustainability Engineers).
  • All attendees that we spoke with were excited about the opportunities for greater energy efficiency being talked about and shown at the conference and the show.   Many were taking advantage of the great seminars being offered this year.
  • Interest in the advantages and opportunities afforded by Fluke Thermography (Ti32, Ti25, TiR1) was exceptionally strong.  Considerable interest was shown in Fluke’s new Power Quality products, 810 Vibration Tester, and 233 Multimeter as well!

Pictures are worth a thousand words, so make sure you check out our album from EMC2010 on our Facebook for more insight!  And if you attended the conference and show, let us know what your key takeaways were!

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