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Teaser Infrared Image – What is it?

Hope you all had a great Memorial Day weekend (if you’re in the States)!  On to this week’s teaser infrared image…

Leave your answer in the comment section, and check back on Thursday for the answer!

4 comments to Teaser Infrared Image – What is it?

  • Brian AtLee

    It looks like a utility pole, and the red spot could be a loose connection, but I can’t figure out what the equipment is.

  • Larry H

    I agree it looks like a utility pole, but I don’t think it is. The lines look more like hydraulic lines than power lines. I am guessing a hydraulic brake on the end of a rotating shaft.

  • Mike S

    Looks like a post for a transformer – in a substation yard – with a bad bushing on an insulator.

  • Dan Laughbon

    It appears to be a pole suporting a piece of eletrical equipment with the terminals connecting to two power lines ether single or two phase,can’t say for sure,.the right hand side appears to be hot perhaps from loose or corroded connection.Can’t say for sure if there are any insulators but it does’nt appear to be.This may be in a substation or switching yard etc.Do’nt know what the device is.(not for sure).

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