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Opportunity for Buildings Thermography and Home Performance Contractors

We’re going to change direction slightly for today’s blog post (sorry, Teaser Tuesday fans, we’ll be back next week!).  We have typically spoken of applications, technical tips, and other things directly related to the cameras and their uses—but today, we’d like to talk about something that could be very important to the business aspect of thermographers and home performance contractors who are using thermography for building inspection work.

Right now, there is a program under consideration in the US House of Representatives (HR5019) and the US Senate (S.3177) that is collectively known as HOMESTAR (aka: “Cash for Caulkers”).  The full name is Home Star Retrofit Rebate Program, and it essentially offers money for US homeowners to perform certain energy-efficient upgrades and retrofits to their homes.   It already has very broad support in both major political parties, amongst small business owners, big corporations, and the average homeowner.  (Fluke supports these efforts along with many other US manufacturers who supply the tools to get the job done.)

What does this mean for the energy auditor, buildings analyst, and buildings thermographer?   This means BUSINESS! Everybody needs a little more business right?   When these measures pass Congress, there will be plenty to do for anyone who has a blower door, an infrared camera, and some buildings science/residential construction knowledge.   This is all that people could talk about at the ACI 2010 Home Performance Conference, and was a primary reason for all of the excitement.

If you would like to know more about the program, and how it is supposed to work, please go to: .  Another great place to find out information on the proposed HomeStar program is .

This is an important topic in the thermography industry, and we will work to keep you all informed.  Voting takes place on Thursday, May 6, so check back to find out voter results that will be posted on our blog!

Michael Stuart
Fluke Thermography, Senior Product Marketing Manager
Thermal / Infrared Thermography, Level II
Certified in compliance with ASNT Standards

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