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Teaser Infrared Image - What is it?

This is probably an easy one for you all, but hopefully we zoomed in enough to make you second guess yourselves!

Leave your answer in the comment section, and check back on Thursday for the answer!

3 comments to Teaser Infrared Image – What is it?

  • Dan Laughbon

    GOOD JOB ZOOMING IN!. It’s hard to say if this is an Electrical or Mechanical device, some of the components suggest electical and others sugest mechanical.I’ll give this more study.could be a hot insulator or a hot wheel or bearing!?

  • Pat Green

    Looks like it could be some kind of band saw cutting through something metal generating heat.

  • Dan Laughbon

    Guess no. 2. The heat appears to be located on the upper part of what I can see of the componet in question but the entire part appears to be warm this could be from normal operation or from a problem developing in the part and the heat is desapating though the part.If the part is reflective,shiny,etc.then this may be a reflection from another heat source.There is a warm line that may indicate that just below the apparent hot spot the part may be in contact with the edge of a rail or another piece of the eqiupment but that’s all that I can conclude on that at this time.Toss ups are;Switchgear in a substaion or on a powerpole.A piece of eqiupment in an industrial plant.Lets see I can’t wait.

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