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Teaser Infrared Image- What is it?

Might be another easy one…but we want to see how your creative mind works!  What is this image showing and what is it telling you?

Leave your answer in the comment section, and check back on Thursday for the answer!

7 comments to Teaser Infrared Image- What is it?

  • It appears to be an exterior lantern/light on a pole with the electrical feed coming up through the pole. The sun appears to be coming from the right side of the picture, causing the right side of the light to be warmer. The rolling hills in the background are mostly pine, with some deciduous trees mixed in. The picture was probably taken on a deck of a residence in the foothills of the Cascades or Olympics in the Seattle area of Washington State.

    Or it could be a bird feeder. 🙂

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  • Image looks like landscape – mountain with trees – ski resort with wind and weather instrumentation in the foreground.

  • Aubrey Kahn

    It is a pole with an oil filled transfomer and street lamp.

  • Dan Laughbon

    The Mars lander, A pirated view of earth form a cloaked Romulan scout ship???. or an infrared view of a stand of trees[ may be a forest. ] Taken from a fire tower?, or heilocopter?, airplane?, high hill?,radio tower? ,tv tower?,wind generator? UFO?!!.Can’nt be sure what the warm items are in the foreground.dan??.

  • Dan Laughbon

    I’m considering the remarks on the facebook page as well as my own and I’M thinking this could be a platform standing on its own or one on a flat roof biulding as a landing pad for a Heliocopter with a clearance light in the foreground. This maybe an office biulding or a Hospital.the light pole may have a radio mast attached to it or vice-a-verse-a.any way it’s a cool shot!!.Dan.

  • Dan Laughbon

    I’m liking this one a lot. IT apears to be in the mountains,a ski resort maybe.The dark’cooler’ paths between the trees may be the ski runs.If this is near one of the mountain pass’es such as Stevens or the other one which I CAN’T spell right now, the foreground image could be a traffic light,a traffic warning or hazardous condition sign with awarning light on top of it.The line going out from the top of the image could be a power line, giude wire,even a radiomast as some of these hazard warnings broadcast a short distance radio message.It may be in wash. state or may not.. Might still be a view from a rommulan ship but I think not!!?.DAN

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