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Teaser Infrared Image - The Answer

This week’s image was a trick image…

Answer: Image is of a working steam trap—more specifically a “JWP” working steam trap (named after our very own Fluke employee ;))!

I know…evil, right?  We just like to have a little fun.  But I know a lot of you must be wondering–why the temperature differences?  Here’s an explanation:

The basic function of a steam trap is to allow condensed liquid to pass through and not allow steam to pass.  When steam turns to a liquid in the system, it decreases the performance of the heating system.  The steam valve collects this liquid and allows it to pass through—basically cleaning out the system.  This keeps a steam heat system operating properly.  The steam side (red at the top in this picture) is different than the condensate side in temperature when a trap is working (image above).  We have hot steam on one side and hot water or nothing on the other, hence the temperature difference.  When we see a trap where both sides are the same temperature, we have a trap that is either stuck open and is blowing steam by or is currently not in operation. A thermographer should know their system and be able to determine which it is!

Thanks for all the responses—stay tuned for next week’s teaser!  And if any of you have an image on your thermal imager you’d like to submit for a Teaser Tuesday, let us know!

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