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Did You Know...

Original versions of thermal imagers displayed thermal images through the use of black and white cathode ray tubes (CRTs)! Permanent records were possible with photographs or magnetic tape.

So, did you know? 🙂

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  • Did I know? YES, I did. We used to use Polaroid cameras in a hood that dropped down over the CRT screen. Snap a picture, pull the paper out of the camera and wait. Next? You stapled the print to the report page. It was so 1900s! And I’m not even that old! Things have changed quickly and, for the most part, for the better!
    Thermally yours,

    John Snell
    ASNT NDT Thermal/Infrared Level III #48166
    The Snell Group

  • Dan

    Holy Zenth TV,s Batman ,no I did not know that!.[our tv while we were growing up was a black and white zenth brand set.]

  • Fluke Thermography

    Haha, thanks for sharing your experiences, John and Dan! I wonder what thermal imagers will be like in the future…would we even need them anymore? Or will we all just have infrared vision??

  • Approx 30 years ago, I used one made by Hughes that was the size of a bread box. It had a motorized rotating mirror that created scan lines on the screen that were red, and generated an image that represented the thermal image. It had a small cylinder of Argon to cool it. How’s that for old?

  • Fluke Thermography

    Haha, wow! You don’t still have it…do you? 🙂

  • Herk

    Had one with a VCR format. Needed a small expedition wagon for hotel surveys

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